7th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency


Mada Ayu Habsari

Enertec Mitra Solusi



Mada is an active member of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has shown unparalleled enthusiasm and determination to push the adaptation of energy conservation measures in office and residential buildings all over Jakarta. Mada started her own business venture in 2012, founded PT. Sadean Energi Indonesia, an energy efficient service provider focusing on LED retrofit and creating Solar Home System (SEHEN) for Indonesia remote island. She had successfully grown the company with major client such as PLN, national energy company and major mobile providers. She also founded PT. Enertec Enviromate Solusi in 2014 as she pursued her vision in renewable energy and energy efficiency. As a member of permanent committee for Solar PV and wind turbine at Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she also has tirelessly promoted the use of solar PV to replace diesel gensets in remote communities in East Nusa Tenggara province. This effort has resulted to recent strategic cooperation agreement between her company and major French Independent Power Producer Company to develop with local partners green energy projects in Indonesia worth USD 1.25 billion (EUR 1.16bn), including 100 MW of solar parks.

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