Singapore-IEA Regional Training Programme on Efficient Grid-Interactive Buildings


Hoyyen Chan

Invite Green Consultancy

Energy Specialist


Hoyyen holds a PhD degree from the University of Nottingham. She was the Senior Officer at the ASEAN Centre for Energy and now a freelance researcher working on energy and climate change projects. Hoyyen has been a technical review expert to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2015. Earlier, she was a research fellow at the Solar Energy Research Institute, National University of Malaysia. Her past research studies were technology-based and community engagements projects that involved entrepreneurs and indigenous people. Hoyyen was awarded the Australia-APEC Women in Research Fellowship in 2016. She was also the writer of Task Force on Carbon-Free Energy Roadmap for Malaysia (2015-2025) for the Academy of Science Malaysia. And, she contributed to regional curriculum development programmes on renewable energy and climate change, which were under the initiatives of USAID and the United Nations University.