Singapore-IEA Regional Training Programme on Efficient Grid-Interactive Buildings

A 3-day programme for policymakers and other energy efficiency professionals in Southeast Asia

The Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) are pleased to announce a training programme on Efficient Grid-Interactive Buildings that will take place in virtual format from the 5th to 7th July 2022. This event will be the sixth training organised as part of the activities of the Singapore-IEA Regional Training Hub. 

In 2020, buildings accounted for almost a quarter of total final energy consumption and process-related direct and indirect CO2 emissions in ASEAN. Over 40% of final energy consumption in buildings is used in the form of electricity generated mostly from fossil fuels. By 2040, the region’s population is expected to grow by over 100 million people. The rate of urbanisation will reach approximately 60%, adding 120 million urban dwellers. At the same time, the floor area of buildings is expected to increase by 60% from 2017 levels. 

Efficient, grid-interactive buildings present a significant potential for buildings to transition from energy-intensive consumers to energy efficient and low-carbon prosumers supported by digital technologies that can enable them to produce, consume, store, sell and buy energy through interactions with the grid in an optimised manner. The integration of these measures can offer significant benefits for energy systems in terms of reducing energy demand particularly peak electricity demand, increasing grid flexibility, providing more control to end-users over their energy consumption, along with other benefits. 

The training will look at interactions between buildings and the electricity grid from different angles explored through three modules.   

 3 modules, 3 days, 4 hours per day
The 6th training under the Singapore-IEA Regional Training Hub

The training aims to build capacity and strengthen the network among policy makers, academics and professionals working in the building sector in Southeast Asia, and to equip them with greater knowledge and skills to establish the path towards a low-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector in their respective countries.    
  • Mix of lectures, interactive discussions, practical exercises and a virtual site visit 
  • Free of charge
  • Proficiency in English is required 
  • Online application
  • Certificate of completion 


In support of the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation Phase II 2020-2025 Programme Area No. 4 Energy Efficiency and Conservation, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have been working together on developing training activities under the Singapore-IEA Regional Training Hub. 
Launched in 2017, the Singapore-IEA Regional Training Hub annual event has brought together over 1000 energy efficiency professionals from across Southeast Asia.