Nairobi Energy Efficiency Policy Training Week


Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai

Electric Drive Africa

Founder of Electric Drive Africa


Dr. Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai has been involved in the energy and electric mobility sectors for over 10 years. His work in the distributed solar industry sector focused on the research and development of financed solutions and products for photovoltaic based solutions for the commercial and industrial sector. His work included both lead and senior team roles looking into innovation, partnerships, strategy, business development, product development, solutions architecture, and sales. He has been involved in several high-profile energy projects, collaborating with partners in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, and the USA. He has also worked extensively on key policy issues and documents in the energy transition and electric mobility sectors. He was part of a consortium that developed several frameworks and roadmaps for electric vehicles and public transport services in Zimbabwe under Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) sponsored initiatives. He was also part of the Ministry of Energy Kenya Taskforce for the recent Kenya Energy White Paper. He has also done some work in West Africa. His work in the commercial and industrial solar as well as in the electric mobility space has given him a unique and unparalleled view of the energy and mobility nexus, a key interface in the energy transition and especially on the role of customer experience. He has authored and co-authored several papers on electric mobility including the impact of multiple standards, connectors, Apps, and their impact on customer experience. He is the Founder of Electric Drive Africa, an initiative to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in Africa and he is also the Co-Founder of Kenya’s first and largest electric vehicle charging network, EvChaja.