Africa Energy Efficiency Training Week

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Day 4 Industry

Rapid industrial development over the next decade and the emergence of alternative low‐carbon industrial processes provide the opportunity for Africa to leapfrog other regions in adopting low carbon technologies. Measures to promote energy efficiency in the region include sharing information on efficiency levers in terms of technologies and international best practices, supporting government initiatives to promote energy efficiency and simplifying access to financial support for investment in existing and new facilities. Investing in such projects would boost economic development and job creation, as well as reduce energy costs and emissions. 

This day will present the key concepts of the industry policy package and cover the main policies that we believe have been successful. It will focus specifically on presenting case studies that have followed the ‘policy package’ approach. The content will cover industry energy audits, energy management systems, along with regulations.  It will also cover minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for motors as well as data collecting and benchmarking approaches and finally a selection of incentive measures. 

Different stakeholders and engagement approaches for supporting an integrated policy development approach will be discussed. 

The module will answer the following questions:  
  • What is an ideal policy package for improving energy efficiency in industry? 
  • How can a policy package approach ensure energy efficiency improvement in industry? 
  • What stakeholders need to be involved in an integrated and successful approach to developing and implementing an effective industry policy package? 
  • What are the lessons learnt from the regional and international examples of existing policy packages for efficient low-carbon industry?