Africa Energy Efficiency Training Week

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Day 3 Buildings 

Based on the findings from the GlobalABC Regional Roadmap for Buildings and Construction for Africa developed by the IEA in 2020, opportunities exist for significant savings in energy and emissions in the buildings and construction sector, while supporting universal access to electricity and clean cooking. There is significant potential in policy and technology development in the region, across new building construction, building retrofits, appliances, building operations and construction materials. 

This day will cover policies focused on enabling the transition towards zero-carbon buildings. The content will cover integrated approaches to: building codes, standards and benchmarks, information tools for the buildings industry and building users, as well as incentives as they are applied to new and existing buildings. Finally, different stakeholders and engagement approaches for supporting an integrated policy development approach will be discussed.  

 The module will answer the following questions:  
  •  What is an ideal policy package for improving energy efficiency in buildings? 
  •  How can a policy package approach support energy efficient and low-carbon buildings? 
  •  What stakeholders need to be involved in an integrated approach to developing and implementing a zero-carbon buildings policy package? 
  •  What are the lessons learnt from regional and international examples of existing policy packages for efficient low-carbon buildings?