8th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency


Audrey Zibelman

Zibelman Energy Advisors

Former CEO of AEMO and currently Non-Executive Director and Advisor for the energy transition


Audrey Zibelman is an internationally known and experienced energy industry executive with a reputation of driving positive change towards decarbonisation and innovation within individual organisations and across the sector. Audrey has been at the helm of multiple organisations leading the transition of the power industry into a decarbonised world as a board member, CEO and government leader. She is a well known and sought after industry leader and board and government advisor on the transformation of the energy industry Audrey currently serves an Advisor and Non-Executive director to multiple companies and organisations leading on climate change, including, RMI, Span IO, and Squadron Energy, and is also a member of President Biden’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council. Audrey’ s most recent executive roles was as Vice President of X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory where she led a team focused on building accurate digital tools necessary for a decarbonised power system. Audrey continues to serve as an advisor to X on Climate Technology. Audrey joined X from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), where she was the Managing Director and CEO. AEMO plans and operates the electricity and gas systems and markets for all of Australia. While at AEMO, established the roadmap for Australia to decarbonise its national power system and led the organisation through a digital and cultural change management initiative to ensure it was equipped to address the strategic and operational challenges it was confronting. Before joining AEMO, Audrey was the Chair of the New York Public Service Commission where she was a member of the Governor’s cabinet and regulated the electric, gas, water, steam and communication utilities in New York. While in New York, Audrey led massive regulatory reform of the electric industry to support a decarbonised grid, known as Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV. Audrey was previously the COO of PJM, the world’s largest wholesale energy market and a long time executive of Xcel Energy, the US 5th largest multi-state integrated gas and electric utility located in the Mid-West and West of the United States.