8th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency


Hubert Nsoh Zan

Energy Commission

Assistant Manager- Energy Efficiency Regulations


Hubert Zan is the Assistant Manager in charge of Energy Efficiency Regulation, a unit under the Renewables and Energy Efficiency Directorate (REEE) of the Ghana Energy Commission. He has efficiently and effectively worked for over a decade enforcing National regulations on Energy Efficiency and environmental regulations on Phasing out CFC based and now HCFC based refrigerators and air conditioners respectively in Ghana. Hubert’s passion to see the world and Africa in particular be free of new inefficient and used obsolete appliances has made him a champion and strong advocate of energy efficiency. He is the focal person for the ECOFRIDGES GO project at the Energy Commission which introduces innovative financial mechanism to help salaried workers own highly energy efficient appliances and also a member of the Cool Coalition working group on used product imports to Africa. He has also featured in other international forums like the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF).