8th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency


Chris Dunstan

University of Technology Sydney

Adjunct Associate Professor


Dr Chris Dunstan is Adjunct Associate Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Chris has worked in Australian clean energy policy, programs and research since 1990. Chris played a key role in some of Australia’s most significant clean energy innovations, including: the New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme- one of the world’s first Carbon Emissions Trading Schemes in 2003, the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme- one of the world’s first energy efficiency “white certificate” schemes, the New South Wales Government's $2 billion Climate Change Fund, Australia’s $1 billion Demand Management Incentive Scheme for Electricity Networks (2017), the Reliable Affordable Clean Energy for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre (RACE for 2030), a 10-year, $350 million collaboration of 70 business, research, government and community partners. Chris was Chief Research Officer at RACE for 2030 between 2020 and 2023. Chris’ 2018 PhD research focused on applying Least Cost Strategies in liberalised electricity markets.