8th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency


Herlin Herlianika


Program Advisor


Ms. Herlianika is President of ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter with 30 years experiences in cooling sector. Through her strong role in this sector, Herlin is involved in most of the policies development on cooling sector especially in energy efficiency and energy transition. She is also a member of Refrigeration Technical Committee in National Standard Agency under Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, supporting the country on developing standards needed for sustainable cooling technology application. As a climate policy advisor, Herlin is very active supporting energy efficiency program for residential appliances as well as its compliance in Indonesia towards more stringent level of MEPs and labelling. She was involved in setting up refrigerator, fan, rice cooker and lighting MEPs and going on with more appliances to be regulated. Ms. Herlin is one of Refrigeration Technical Optional Committee member to the Montreal Protocol Programs, she is also an Energy Efficiency Task Force member of Technical and Economic Assessment Panel to the Montreal Protocol.