The Energy Efficiency Policy Training Week

Where and when

The Energy Efficiency Policy in Emerging Economies Training Week is an in-person event that will take place in Paris, France 17-21 April. 

IEA, 9 Rue de la Federation, 75015

Below we provide information on venues and hotel booking. 


The Training Week will be held in 3 different locations, with all 3 buildings located at walking distance from each other.

The venue for all participants for the first day and last day of the Training Week will be building A: UIC-P Espaces Congrès, 16 Rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris.


On 17 April, registration will open at 08:15 and the training will conclude at 17:00 on 21 April.
Each participant will be given a badge in exchange for an ID document.

During the 5 days of the Training lunch will be provided in the canteen at building C: Carre Suffren, 31-35 Rue de la Fédération, 75015 Paris.

For participants fasting for Ramadan, lunch takeaways will be provided and praying rooms will be available in every building.

Click on the following links to get the addresses of the buildings.

Carré Suffren CanteenInstructions for Lunch

• Small salad 
• Main course or big salad 
  1. Choose from 4 different counters with main courses 
  2. You can only take one main course 
  3. You can take a small portion of vegetables with your main course 
• Dessert 
• Soft drink (no alcohol) - a water fountain will be available
• Small regular bread

Note: You can select three (3) different items to eat + one bread (for example: one salad,
 one main course and one dessert). You can also select two items from the same category
 (for example: one main course and two desserts), but not two main courses. In case you want to select additional items, you will have to pay for them. 

For participants that are fasting for Ramadan, there will be an option to take the food to go.

Travelling to Paris

There are two international airports in the Paris area: Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport.

Taxi: Airport flat rate fare

That flat rates exist for taxi journeys between central Paris and the airports – these rates apply to official Paris taxis and are often more advantageous than Uber or other VTC taxi rates: 

Paris Right Bank ↔ Charles de Gaulle: €55                        Paris Right Bank ↔ Orly: €41 
 Paris Left Bank ↔ Charles de Gaulle: €62                           Paris Left Bank ↔ Orly: €35    

 The event venue is easily accessible by public transport: 

• Metro: Ligne 6, Bir Hakeim 
• RER : Ligne C, Champ de Mars 
• Bus : 42, 69, 82, 87 

Google maps, smartphone applications such as Citymapper, or RATP (the Paris public transportation website) can assist in planning transportation to the venue. 

Staying in Paris

Participants are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements.
A list of hotels close to the training venue is provided below. 
We suggest booking as early as possible to secure the best possible rate.

Please contact the Energy Efficiency Team ( to raise any questions that you may have.