Energy Efficiency Training Week 2022, Latin America

Breakout 1 (Friday)

May 6, 2022 | 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM

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Tips For the Week

Breakout Groups

Check out MY SPACE

The training week has group activities every day. To find out which group you are in, click on "MY SPACE" to see a customized view of your schedule. This will show you which group you should join throughout the various activities. (Please note you will be in one group on Tues, Wed, and Thursday. For the last hour on Thursday, you will be in a NEW group, which will work together through Friday for the Final Project.)
My Space

Start a conversation

Networking Tables

We have set up Networking Tables before the start of each day and after the last session. Please check these out! Join a table with a theme, or an open table to see who's there and start a conversation! Up to 14 people can join any one table.
Networking Tables


Where do I find course materials?

Throughout the week, your instructors will be posting materials from the sessions. You can access these materials in the Resources space for your module. 


Communicating with instructors

During the sessions, we will use Zoom as the platform for engagement, including for written comments and questions. If you have a question or comment for your instructor outside of the sessions, please write your question into the "comments" box at the top right of the blue ribbon, at the top of your page.