Energy Efficiency Policy Training Week in Jakarta


Alison Pridmore


Energy Analyst


Alison Pridmore is an Energy Analyst with the International Energy Agency (IEA), where she leads the work of the Energy Efficiency Division related to transport. Her work includes capacity building, research and policy advice for emerging economies. Alison’s work on fuel economy standards includes providing support to the Indonesian government as they look to develop standards for trucks, and exploring the role of the standards in driving forward electrification of two-wheelers in India. Broader work themes include battery swapping for electric vehicles and evaluation of the air quality benefits of vehicle scrappage schemes. Prior to joining the IEA, Alison was a principal consultant at Aether – an environmental consultancy. Her work included looking at the multiple benefits of energy efficiency and the consideration of electric vehicles from a life cycle perspective. Prior experience covers consultancy, academia, and policy sectors, including at Ricardo and the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission. Alison has a PhD in Transport from the University of Aberdeen, with her research examining the role of social influence on the take up of new vehicle technologies.