Energy Efficiency Training Week 2022, Latin America


Ian Hamilton




I am Professor of Energy, Environment and Health at UCL Energy Institute, University College London and Director of EREDA Consultants Ltd My research in the built environment is at the intersection of climate, energy and health. My research background is in evaluating climate mitigation actions and energy efficiency in the built environment their impact on energy demand and building energy performance, along with indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, and associated health and wellbeing outcomes. I am the Operating Agent for the International Energy Agency’s Annex 70 - Building Energy Epidemiology, a co-investigator on the UKRI Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions, the NERC APEx London Air Pollution and ANTICIPATE project, and Newton funded Capability and Energy Poverty project in Mexico. I worked with the IEA to develop the Global and Regional Roadmaps for Buildings and Construction, and have co-authored the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction’s Buildings Global Status Reports since 2018.